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Waves of Breath
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Waves of Breath

Focusing your attention on the subtleties in life can strengthen that attention – your attention. Imagery and visualizations are tools for attention training. Try working with waves on the ocean and waves of your breath. This Waves of Breath practice will strengthen your ability to direct your focus on both breath and the image of ocean waves.

Enjoy your practice…

Length 5:34FocusVisual ImagerySittingLying down

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Waves of Breath

Find a comfortable way to sit, recline or lie down.

Lift and lower your chin slowly two or three times.

Settle your head and drop your shoulders and soften your body.

Bring one hand to your upper chest. Place the tip of your index finger on one collar bone and your thumb on the other.

Notice the breath in your body as your chest, your upper rib cage rises and falls with each wave of breath.

Allow your eyes to close or gently gaze forward.

Create a picture in your mind of gentle ocean waves rolling onto a beach.

At first, the waves are rolling up and spreading over the sand and descending back into the ocean entirely on their own, in their own timing.

But maybe the next wave in your mind can match that wave with your breath.

As a wave curls onto the beach — breath in.

And as it recedes back into the ocean — breath out.

If you missed the first one, no problem, catch the next wave.

Try matching the next image of a wave in your mind with your next wave of breath.

Feel it coming in. Big or small or medium-sized. No matter, it’s just a wave. Your wave. Your breath.

Continue to rest your attention on the sensations in your body as the waves come in and go out – they are connected to the picture in your mind.

Minds drift away, if your mind drifts, it’s okay, these waves will keep coming – simply notice that your attention drifted and bring it back to the next wave. There’s always a next wave.

In and out.

Onto the beach and back into the ocean.

Rolling in, easing out.

Watch and feel a few more waves.

With your next out-breath, if your eyes are closed, open them gently. Look around. Reorient yourself to where you are. Notice if your body wants to move – possibly twist, or reach, maybe yawn.

Your practice is entirely yours. Your waves can be huge rollers, medium swells or tiny ripples.

Simply link your attention and your breath to your waves.

Accept whatever emerges for you when you settle and breathe.

Next time when you feel you need focus, take a ride on your Waves of Breath.

Length 5:34FocusVisual ImagerySittingLying down



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