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Walking Practice

Walking Practice

Walking Practice brings your attention to the present moment, over and over again – with every step.
The goal is to BE where you are, not to GET anywhere. Simply BE. One step at a time.

Enjoy your practice…

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Walking Practice

Find a small space, a flat surface – grass, concrete, a rug – where you can walk without obstacles.

It can be narrow and as short as 10 feet in length.
Begin with both feet planted on the ground.
We can begin together, then your stepping pace will be determined entirely by you.
Maybe by your breath.

Simply, slowly, raise one foot from the ground – as you inhale.
Place it down a short distance in front of you with your exhale.
Imagine you are printing your foot on the ground.
With each step. Make a careful print.

Next foot – next breath. Lift, breathe in – lower, breathe out.
Remember there is no destination.
With every step – you arrive. You are right here, right now.

When your mind wanders to thoughts, lists, and maybe questions like: am I doing this right?
Redirect your attention to your breath – connected to your slow steps.
Lift – inhale, step – exhale.
When your steps take you to a wall, a boundary in your chosen space – pause turn and keep walking.

Lift-inhale, lower exhale.
Feel your whole foot rolling onto the ground. Then lifting gently without rushing.
Arrive with each step, with each breath.
Continue walking, breathing.
Lift – in, lower – out.

This Walking Practice will help you to activate your energy on now. Right here, right now. Every step, every breath – BE in the present moment.

Find or create moments where this practice returns you to now.

Length 3:50ActivateJust MoveMoving




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