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using mindfulness for ADHD

Using Mindfulness for ADHD

I started adding these practices to my day, randomly, whenever they fit in. And I began to see how fast and furiously my brain switched from one task or thought to the next.

I have long held the view (and research shows) that mindfulness is a powerful tool for reducing ADHD symptoms. In fact, I created this membership called MindfullyADD where you can access tips and tools to develop a mindfulness practice to elevate your whole well-being.

And I’ve seen it work. Have heard from clients who implement the 1-minute practices and have had dramatic results!

So I wanted to share this article on Vox from Tasha Eichenseher and her experience in using mindfulness to manage her out-of-control focus and procrastination. It’s a fantastic journey – from diagnosis to exploring treatment options to giving mindfulness a chance – that may help you take the step yourself!

Check out the article on Vox from Tasha Eichenseher here.