Busy minds and bodies can match busy places and times. And then there are places and times that call for calmer minds and calmer bodies.

Our bodies are so connected to our minds that they can help each other settle, with Elevator Practice.

Enjoy your practice…

Length 4:39SettleJust MoveStandingSitting

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Adjust the way that you are standing or sitting so that your weight feels like it is in the middle, not to the left or to the right – not really forward or back – just in the middle.

If it helps, imagine that the core of your body is a tall building, with the back crown of your head as the very top floor.

Slowly circle your shoulders – raise them up, glide them back and drop them down. Maybe repeat those slow circles a few times.

Let your hands open wide, fingers energize and then close them into tight fists. Do this a couple times.

Place your attention on the muscles, the bones, and the skin in your hands. Do a few more open and closes.

When you notice that you feel done, rest your hands in your lap for a moment.

Be aware of any other movement that your body might want you to do.

Do that.

Once you are comfortable, settle in there. Arms down, hands resting

Now bring to mind that tall building again.

Place one hand flat, palm up in front of your navel, as if you are holding a small plate, close to your belly. This is your ground floor hand.

Notice any tightness in your hand or in your arm, or really anywhere – soften muscles where you can.

Place your other hand, palm down, directly on the first.

As you are ready, inhale to lift the top hand. That’s your elevator.

Fill with air as your elevator hand raises, maybe to shoulder-height. Wherever you wish, however high your breath takes it.

Pause when you feel full.

Match your outbreath with the elevator’s descent.

Hands meet when empty.

Go up again, with your breath.

Pause … and down.

Try a few more, with your timing, your breath. Switch which hand is the elevator if you wish.

Maybe to notice the sensation of settling, slow the descent, the exhale.

Try that … regular inhale and long exhale.

Close your eyes for the last few, if you’d like.

Finally, notice if a big stretch with arms wide then up would fit, in this moment, for your body.

Now settle and rest.

Notice if Elevator Practice meets you where you are, active and energized. Then it brings a little calm, a little settling or softening to your mind and to your body when you need it.

Length 4:39SettleJust MoveStandingSitting

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