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Tick Tock

Tick Tock

When you find yourself needing or wanting to settle, it is helpful to have tools to try: tools that your mind and body are familiar with and can help you shift.

Tick Tock is a private practice including movement, with a connection to a time-honored strategy of rocking yourself to sleep.

Enjoy your practice…

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Tick Tock

This is a seated practice. Sit in a chair or on the floor where your back isn’t really leaning.

Allow your hands to rest on your lap.
Circle your shoulders up, back and down a couple of times.

Try a couple of rotations in the other direction – back, up, forward and down.

And then pause.

Notice if there is another movement that your body wants you do – stretch, twist, reach, slouch and round.

End by sitting tall, relaxed but tall.

Your eyes can gaze at a spot in front of you or possibly be closed.

Try to imagine a metronome that goes tick tock tick tock with a constant rhythm.
With that image in your mind, imagine that your hips are the hinge and your entire upper body is one solid piece, ready to sway gently.

Sway to one side, back through center and sway to the other side.
Remember the metronome, tick – tock. Tick to one side – tock to the other.

Make the movement big or small, it’s up to you.
Match your ticking and tocking to this rhythm, if you’d like.

Adjust your movement at any time.
The settling part of this practice comes next.

As the sound slows, so do you.

As the sound softens, adjust your swaying, going from wider to quite subtle.

Gradually lessen the width of your ticks and tocks, get closer to your center each time until even the micro movements are undetectable.

Less and less, softer and softer.

Rest at center.

Finally, try Tick Tock with your neck and head.
Drop your ear toward your shoulder on one side. Then drop your ear toward your shoulder on the other.

Tick – tock.

Just your head, slowly
and only as much as you feel is right for you and your body.

Tick – tock.

Movement gets smaller and smaller.
Softer and softer.

Barely moving now.

Find center with your head and your core.

Breathe in.

Settle and rest.

Breath is in your center.
Settle your attention there.
You are at your center.
Remain there for a few more breaths.

Tick Tock can be practiced at a pace of your choice. You can even say the words, “Tick Tock” to yourself, maybe keep it silent in your mind or whisper. So the next time you catch yourself needing or wanting to settle try Tick Tock.

Take a moment to acknowledge the time you’ve spent on this practice.

Length 5:29Just MoveSettleMovingSitting




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