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Tapping Practice

Tapping Practice

There will be times when you notice that it is difficult to stay-the-course, to keep going.

Tapping Practice might create a sense of internal steadiness –that strength we need to keep showing up, keep going – even when something feels challenging or unfamiliar.

Build a steady strength in your mind and body, with practice.

Enjoy your practice…

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Find a comfortable way to sit, stand or lie down. Empty your hands. Allow your fingers to curl softly.

Slowly, steadily – tap your index finger and thumb together one time – simultaneously on each hand.

Then the middle finger and thumb, the ring finger and thumb and finally the pinky.

Now return, start with the pinky, then ring, middle and finally the index finger.


Try this succession a few times.

No worries if you skip or double-tap, just return to the beginning and give it another go. Slow and steady. Tapping.


Now, try two taps with each finger before you move onto the next.

All the way across, then back again.

Keep your pace steady and feel free to count in your mind. 1, 2 – 1, 2


When your attention wanders, notice that and bring it back.

Begin again. Returning your attention is a critical part of this mindful practice.

Go to where you left off or back to the start, with one tap.


If you wish, play with it.

Try alternating. Tap on one hand at a time then switch to the other.

You can try threes as well.


You are creating that strong, steady link between your mind and your body.

Notice how it feels to do this practice. Keep going, stay with it for a little longer.

Remember – return to the beginning whenever you wish.


When you are finished – stretch, yawn, twist, or settle, be still.

You choose.

Feeling like you can bring a strong, steady presence to what you do could be invaluable to help you keep going when things get challenging.

Tapping Practice might create that steadiness. Take a moment or two whenever you can. Make it part of a routine or matched with another practice.

It’s up to you. This is your workout.

Well done.


Length 3:36Keep GoingJust MoveStandingSittingLying Down




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