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STOP Practice Original

STOP Practice Original

This is the STOP Practice Original – a good check in for developing your internal pause button.

Enjoy your practice…

Length 3:18Check InMovingStandingSittingLying down  
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Take the next few minutes to experience the STOP Practice.

This practice can be used anywhere and at any time, in order to create a habit of pausing to check-in on yourself, in the moment.

It can be helpful in transitions or to initiate a change – in mood, energy and even behavior.

STOP stands for – Stop, Take a breath, Observe and Proceed.

The last step is especially important for ADHD.

When you “Proceed”, you give yourself a moment to choose –  a place to evaluate, accept, and determine how you want to get back into action. This is a crucial step to make sure your actions match your intentions.

Stop Practice Original

Practice those simple STOP steps with this practice, in this moment.

First, Stop to notice the present moment.

Settle in where you are sitting, or standing, maybe even where you are lying down.

Really STOP, right here, right now. Your eyes can be closed or open.

Take in a fresh breath of air. Just a natural inhale and an easy exhale.

Observe your thoughts, your emotions, and gently observe the sensations in your body.

Without judging, just observe what is there – for you, right now.

Proceed, move into your next choice – where you put your attention, how you make your next move or respond to what is present in your life.

Proceed mindfully.

If you had your eyes closed, go ahead and open them now.

Stretch, move, twist or be still… as your body chooses.

Remember to repeat your STOP practice when you can, throughout your day. Make it a habit. A brief, mindful habit for you.

Pick a time in your day when this strategy might fit, a few minutes is all you need – while the coffee brews, when you are trying to go to sleep (or trying to go back to sleep), just before the kids come home, when you feel stuck and have a moment (with nothing else to do).

Practice STOP-ping so you can use this practice when you really need it.

Length 3:18Check InMovingStandingSittingLying down




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