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Resilience Practice

Resilience Practice

This might seem more like a poem than a practice. More like a story than a workout for the mind.

But it is all of those things, together.

Imagine resilience – to create it from the inside.

Moment by moment and image by image.

Check in to how you feel before this Resilience Practice and silently reflect on how you feel after. Notice for yourself. That’s it.

Enjoy your practice…

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Resilience Practice

Find a comfortable way to sit. Bring energy to your core so there is no need to lean.

Your hands can rest wherever and however you choose, in your lap, on your legs or clasped together.

Tuck your chin just a touch so that the back crown of your head feels lifted.

Eyes are gazing forward and down or they’re closed.


Create an image in your mind of a small hill, surrounded by a vast field. Simply allow whatever image drifts into your mind.

On the hill, there is a tree. It has branches and leaves. It can be any size, shape and color. Allow what appears.


In the distance, you can see that the sky fills with clouds, storm clouds.

They’re approaching the tree. And the tree remains.


You might imagine that you can hear the wind.

The tree’s leaves shiver and its branches lift and sway.

And the tree remains.


The dark clouds shut out light, rain falls, and thunder roars.

And the tree remains.


Many leaves are pulled from their twigs.

A few branches snap and break.

The trunk strains and bends.

And the tree remains.


The wind quiets.

The clouds give way to sunlight.

And the tree remains.


Reach up, stretch tall, sway to one side and the other.

Yawn or twist.

Settle and be still.

You remain.


Resilience can be considered strength – a strength that comes from the inside.

Resilience Practice is simply that – an opportunity to create a habit – a habit of strength.

This is the strength needed to skillfully handle challenges and return to balance once the storm passes.

With strength – you remain.


Length 3:25Keep GoingVisual ImagerySitting


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