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Press and Lower

Press and Lower [aka “Sloppy Sleeves”]

However energetic you are feeling is fine. High energy, low energy, or somewhere in between. Seriously, as long as your energy fits where you are and what you want or need to be feeling or doing, it’s all good.

Then there are those times when you need to change your energy to fit where you are and what you are doing. For Press and Lower, also known as Sloppy Sleeves, imagine that you need to bring your energy down. To slow yourself down.

All you need for this practice of lowering your energy is a chair.

Enjoy your practice…

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Stand in front of your chair – you’ll be sitting in it by the end of this practice.

Imagine that you are wearing a jacket, five sizes too big.

Your dangling arms are the extra-long sleeves.

Now slowly twist and allow your arms to flail like you don’t actually control them, they are the heavy sleeves.

As you twist and turn, back and forth, pick your pace and see how it feels to let your arms, the sleeves, be sloppy.

Twist and turn. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.

If it feels okay for your body, try a few more sloppy sleeves.


Gradually let your movement slow and come to a stop.


Take notice of how your body feels. Your shoulders, hips, knees, even your feet.

And then your thoughts? Your emotions?

Your directed attention allows you to notice. No need to fix.

Just notice.


When you are ready, lead with your wrists… raise your straight arms in front of you and then up.

Hands are at ease, almost floating.

Reach high.

Again lead with your wrists, slowly drop your arms, fingers follow, as if you’re pressing against an imaginary wall in front of you. Press the whole way down. Elbows are straight.

That’s one.


For the next few, match your movement with your breath.


Lift with an inhale.

Reach when full.

Exhale slowly to press and float down.


Regulate your pace.

Do as many as you’d like.

You are practicing slowing down, inside and out.


When you feel almost done, let the last sequence of lifting, reaching and pressing bring you to sitting in your chair.





And sit.


And then try one more in the chair – maybe make this the slowest exhale and dropping of your arms so far.

Lift, inhale.


Float down and press, exhale.


Eyes might close, even for a moment.

Notice if your body wants to rest, lean back, twist, stretch or yawn.

Then do that.

For you.


So, when you need a shift in energy.

When you find yourself not matching what you need to have going on, Press and Lower.

Practice when you don’t need it, then try a shorter version in those moments when you do.

Just one might do.

Good work.

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