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Pebble Practice

Pebble Practice

There are times when we can feel small – like we can’t affect what is going on our inside or our outside. We can feel powerless to change our mood or our situation.

Pebble Practice begins small and expands. It can stimulate a sense of power, the capacity to change from the inside, little by little.

It might help you activate and move forward, feeling that you can affect your world, one moment at a time.

Enjoy your practice…

Length 5:30ActivateVisual ImagerySitting

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Settle into your chair and let your hands rest on your legs, palms up.

Squeeze to make a fist – gentle or tight.

Open and spread your fingers… expand.

Again, close into a fist.

Now, open wide.

Do a few more. Watch your hands or close your eyes. Really feel the opening and closing.

When you’re finished, sense the back of your hands resting on your legs again. Let your fingers gently curl.

Maybe your eyes can close, or they can find a neutral spot to stare at. It’s up to you.


Imagine a pond, a small pool, or a puddle. The surface is like glass, reflecting light and whatever subtle colors come to mind.

Now imagine in slow-motion or real-time, you toss a tiny pebble into the center.

Without a sound, it gently breaks the surface.

As patiently as you can, observe the effects.


Once the initial splash at the center is complete, allow the ripples to expand.

Note the circular waves, moving out in all directions.

Maybe their size diminishes as they expand, and maybe not.

Let the rings move and change as your mind creates the effect of the pebble in the water.

As the ripples expand, notice the feeling of your own attentional control expanding as well.


When those rings are finished, or run out of space, just pause.

Notice what your mind wants to do next.

Observe the glassy surface for a moment or toss another pebble.

You decide.

For another minute or so… this is your time to choose, your choice.


When you are finished, gradually spread your fingers again.

Keep them energized and open. Spread.

Raise your arms, palms forward, arms form a “V.”

Reach, open. Inhale big.

Float your arms down with your long exhale.

Hands rest in your lap.

Twist, bend or be still… as your body chooses.

Your impact begins small. It begins with you, with your choices in each moment.

This Pebble Practice reinforces the mindset of building an attitude of power, to create growth and change from the inside – one moment at a time, one pebble at a time.

Well done.


Length 5:24ActivateVisual ImagerySitting




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