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Parade Practice

Parade Practice

For this Parade Practice, we’re going to focus our attention primarily on thoughts for this practice.

We’re not erasing, ignoring or clearing them away, we’re going to practice observing them, in all their – busy, crowded, racing, demanding your attention – glory.

Without judgment, we’ll practice observing whatever is present, and in the process, strengthen our ability to not get hijacked or distracted by them in our daily lives.

Enjoy your practice…

Length 4:21FocusVisual ImageryStandingSittingLying Down

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Get comfortable and somewhat still.

Your eyes might close. It’s up to you.

In this moment, check in on your breath – and your body. Really check in.


Adjust how you are sitting to create more comfort. Settle as best you can.

Now with eyes closed or gazing softly at a spot in front of you, it’s time to get creative.


Imagine that you are attending a parade on a beautiful day.

You have nowhere else to be, nothing else to do. You are just here, at the parade, in this moment.

Notice the direction of the parade in the first image that comes to your mind. Leave that or switch it, it’s up to you.

My parade always goes to the right. I let it go.


As you begin to observe characters, colors, sounds and one-way movement of a parade, the experience of the details may be blurred, somewhat general or very specific – related to your thoughts or not related to your thoughts. It’s okay.

Whatever your mind envisions, let that be your parade.

Loud, quiet, bright, dull, quick moving or slow – just observe and allow the parade to move along, to pass before you.

Be curious and then let it go.

You might notice that you get drawn in. Take note of that and let it go. Let it pass.

There is no need at any point to alter or manipulate the parade.

Even the pieces that you find unpleasant will pass. Let them go.

The parade continues. Your mind wanders, just guide it back – to the parade.


It might get more crowded at some points and more sporadic at others.

Simply observe. Let it flow. Let it go.

Thoughts come and go. The parade continues for a little while.


How it comes to an end is up to you and your imagination.


This was your unique practice. Your thought parade is different from everyone else’s and may be different every time that you practice. Let it emerge as it is.

Create a habit of more often being an observer rather than joining in the busy-ness and distraction of the parade that makes up your thoughts.

Even a brief or short parade a few times a day can make a difference for you. Train your brain to observe rather than to control.

Parade observed, attention strengthened, Parade Practice complete.


Length 4:21FocusVisual ImageryStandingSittingLying Down



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