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Lifting Practice

Lifting Practice

On any given day, you can feel stuck. Stuck in the middle of your busy thoughts, stuck in your heavy emotions or stuck in a space (a non-moving / non-getting-going kind of space).

This Lifting Practice can be used anywhere and at any time. It can help you create a habit of noticing when you feel stuck and generating energy for moving on, for lifting yourself up.

For this practice, you might want a little bit of space, in front of your sitting position – to move your arms freely.

Enjoy your practice…

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Lifting Practice

Settle into your chair and let your palms rest on your legs.

Lightly tap your fingers for a moment.

Now scratch gently with your fingernails. Bending and straightening your fingers as you do.

Pause. Let your attention check into your hands, your fingertips. Can you allow your hands to feel heavy on your legs? Simply note what you feel.

Now flip your hands so your palms are up.

Match your movement with your breath.

Lift your right hand as you breathe in. Take your time. Fill with air. Maybe your hand lifts to shoulder-height. Maybe higher, maybe lower.

When you feel full of breath, flip and float that hand down as you exhale.

Try your left hand. Lift with an inhale, flip, and float it down with an exhale.

Do one more with each hand.

Inhale, lift. Flip.

Exhale, lower. Now the other.

Inhale. Flip. Exhale.

Go bigger. Try both hands together. Maybe lift higher. It’s up to you.

Breathe in to lift. Flip. Float down, breathe out.

One more?

Up and in. out and down.

Rest for a moment.

Take a stretch – arms reach up and open… yawn if that follows this kind of movement.

Twist, bend or be still… as your body chooses.

This kind of energy lifting practice can be repeated throughout your day, especially when you notice that you’re feeling stuck, not able to shift into action. Lifting Practice will allow you to generate energy for moving on.

Lift, Breathe, Repeat.

Length 4:23ActivateJust MoveSittingMoving




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