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Learn about mindfulness and meditation how they help ADHD.

Mindful Morning Planning Using Stop

Mindful Morning Planning Using STOP

Does morning planning seem like something that everyone else can do, but eludes you? You really are not alone! When you arrive at the office, or wherever you begin your day, try Mindful Morning Planning Using STOP to see if you can develop the habit of morning planning. This article has a companion infographic for you to download, print, and hang on your wall!
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Diaphragmatic Breathing

Diaphragmatic Breathing?

Last week I tuned in for a session with Stephanie Sarkis and Laurie Dupar on the Succeed with ADHD Telesummit. What caught my attention was when she and Laurie started talking about diaphragmatic breathing.
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Automaticity is both friend and enemy

Automaticity is Both Friend and Enemy

Automaticity is habitually doing an activity the same way every time. It means overlearning something so you don't have to figure it out as if it were something new or unfamiliar to you. Automaticity is both friend and enemy and is a complicated topic for people with ADHD. An example of a task…
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Forget about shoulds

Forget about Shoulds

"Shoulds" pile up, get listed on your to-do list, and sometimes make you feel guilty for not getting to. So instead of focusing on what you should do, let’s forget about shoulds and focus on what you should not do.
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Balance Out a Bad Day

Using Mindfulness to Balance Out a Bad Day

As the proud owner of an ADHD brain, you already know that sometimes our minds just do what they want to do without a lot of input from us. Though we come with no owner’s manual, we learn what we can in order to function well and move through the world as successfully as we can. This can produce a lot of fluctuation in mood and energy levels on a day to day basis. If we are not careful, this can leave us in a rut, held captive by whether or not today is a “good day.” 
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Create the Mindfulness Habit for ADHD

Create the Mindfulness Habit for ADHD [eBook]

Adults with ADHD are often skeptical that anyone with ADHD can make a mindful habit. They point out that routine is challenging with ADHD, sitting still on purpose even harder, and silencing thoughts hardest of all. In order to create the mindfulness habit for ADHD all that is needed is the right approach…
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Mindfulness Training improves working memory

Mindfulness Training Improves Working Memory

This study looks into how mindfulness-based training can protect our working memory against "degradation" due to high-stress. It's important for people with ADHD because poor working memory is a troubling symptom. Working memory means holding thoughts (numbers, names, terms, tasks, lists, ideas) in your head while you are working on them…
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Exercise the Attention Muscle with Mindfulness

Exercise the Attention Muscle with Mindfulness [Podcast]

In November 2015, I was interviewed by Eric Tivers for ADHD reWired Episode 89: Exercise the Attention Muscle with Mindfulness.
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Staying Mindful During the Holidays

Staying Mindful During the Holidays [Podcast]

I was excited to be invited to be a special guest for Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast Episode 278: Staying Mindful During the Holidays! I joined ADHD Coach Nikki Kinzer and broadcaster Pete Wright (also an adult with ADHD) to discuss ways that mindfulness can help people with ADHD stay calm during the holiday season.
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Acting with Awareness

Acting with Awareness for ADHD

This study is important because it is “the first larger, randomized controlled trial investigating the efficacy of mindfulness training in adults with ADHD,” with blinded outcome measures.
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Mindfulness in a Minute

Mindfulness in a Minute [Podcast]

In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, I join guest host and ADHD Coach Caroline Maguire to talk about "Mindfulness in a Minute," meditation, ADHD-Informed mindfulness, and how to use cues to get you actually practicing.
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Is Mindfulness a Good Intervention

Is Mindfulness a Good Intervention?

According to the authors of this study, “Mindfulness is a self-regulatory practice that is multifaceted but appears to improve self-regulation of attention and emotion.”
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