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Learn about mindfulness and meditation how they help ADHD.

My "Go To" Practice

My Go-To Practice

I didn’t really know what anxiety was until the Holland Tunnel. Friends had described it, but until I was driving my family into the Tunnel, I hadn’t felt it for myself. I needed my go-to practice. I had to depend on my body. I slid into a practice that I had repeated many times before…
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The ADHD Mindfulness Craze

The ADHD Mindfulness Craze: It all Started with One Little Study

Wherever you turn for your media, the message is the same. We’re in love with the idea of mindfulness. This mindfulness craze resonates for many people, but especially those with ADHD. Because a mindfulness practice can help us pay attention better, resist distractions, be less impulsive, remember what we are doing in the moment…
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Automaticity is both friend and enemy

Automaticity is Both Friend and Enemy

Automaticity is habitually doing an activity the same way every time. It means overlearning something so you don't have to figure it out as if it were something new or unfamiliar to you. Automaticity is both friend and enemy and is a complicated topic for people with ADHD. An example of a task…
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Balance Out a Bad Day

Using Mindfulness to Balance Out a Bad Day

As the proud owner of an ADHD brain, you already know that sometimes our minds just do what they want to do without a lot of input from us. Though we come with no owner’s manual, we learn what we can in order to function well and move through the world as successfully as we can. This can produce a lot of fluctuation in mood and energy levels on a day to day basis. If we are not careful, this can leave us in a rut, held captive by whether or not today is a “good day.” 
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Fill Your Tank with Exercise

Fill Your Tank, Part 3

Running low on fuel makes it difficult to do things, like control attention, resist distractions, make decisions, and finish things. In this 4-part series, we will explore ways for you to fill your tank by getting more sleep, practicing mindfulness, exercising often, and pulling up to the pump. Here, we look at exercise…
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Mindfulness for ADHD Myths

Mindfulness for ADHD Myths

Lately when I talk with people about trying mindfulness for ADHD, their first reaction seems to be an immediate acknowledgement that this technique makes sense. They nod, with a sincere expression of interest. But then this expression is rapidly followed by one of amused doubt, even harrumphing. But the doubt…
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not all neuroplasticity is created equal

Not all Neuroplasticity is Created Equal

When you start learning about mindfulness for ADHD you run into lots of talk about neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is just a fancy way to say: When we do something, we learn. When we learn, our brains change. If I've never knitted before and I start attending knitting classes at the local yarn shop…
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Mindfulness in a Minute

Mindfulness in a Minute [Podcast]

In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, I join guest host and ADHD Coach Caroline Maguire to talk about "Mindfulness in a Minute," meditation, ADHD-Informed mindfulness, and how to use cues to get you actually practicing.
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Fill Your Tank with Sleep

Fill Your Tank, Part 1

People with ADHD have to burn extra cognitive fuel to perform well. In this 4-part series, we will explore ways for you to fill your tank with cognitive energy by getting more sleep, practicing mindfulness, exercising, and pulling up to the pump. First, we look how to fill your tank with sleep…
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Your ADHD Road Trip- Destination Mindfulness

A Conversation with Laurie Dupar [Telesummit Audio Recording]

The following is the audio recording and transcript of Your ADHD Road Trip: Destination Mindfulness, which originally aired as part of the 2015 Succeed with ADHD Telesummit hosted by Laurie Dupar.
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Forget about shoulds

Forget about Shoulds

"Shoulds" pile up, get listed on your to-do list, and sometimes make you feel guilty for not getting to. So instead of focusing on what you should do, let’s forget about shoulds and focus on what you should not do.
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Exercise the Attention Muscle with Mindfulness

Exercise the Attention Muscle with Mindfulness [Podcast]

In November 2015, I was interviewed by Eric Tivers for ADHD reWired Episode 89: Exercise the Attention Muscle with Mindfulness.
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