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Finger Press

Finger Press

Attention shifts, drifts, jumps, wanders and returns.

Strengthen your attention – practice the return. This is Finger Press practice.

Enjoy your practice…

Length 2:06Check InStandingSittingLying Down

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Finger Press

Get still.
Place your index finger on your forehead, maybe in the middle.
Let your attention notice any sensations there. It may wander or wonder…

But return your attention.
What can your finger detect? Pressure, temperature, edges of contact?
Notice the sensations there. Your finger, detecting.

What can your forehead feel? Pressure, temperature, moisture?
Attention wanders. Return it to check in…
Your forehead.

Move your attention again to your finger.
Finger feels.

And, one more time.
Forehead feels.

Hand floats down to rest.

Returning a wandering attention builds strength of mind. Just keep coming back to Finger Press practice.

It’s your practice.

Length 2:06Check InStandingSittingLying Down




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