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Feet, Seat, or Hands
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Feet, Seat, or Hands

Feeling scattered, shaky, or unsure can affect your ability to focus your thoughts, gain confidence or move forward.

You can get in the habit of using your attention as a tool – a personal tool to settle those thoughts and emotions – enough to make goals, follow plans, and move forward.  First you practice settling with Feet, Seat, or Hands.

Enjoy your practice…

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Feet, Seat, or Hands

Get comfortable sitting in a chair, one that allows you to rest your feet on the floor.

Wiggle your toes, a little more, then stop.

Rock your hips slightly to shift your weight from side to side. Then pause, settle in the center where you think you can be comfortable for a few minutes.

Drop your shoulders down. Decide how you want to rest your hands – on your legs, holding each other, clasped… you decide. Now let them be still.

Make any small adjustments that you would like.  Try closing your eyes or stare at a spot in front of you, possibly down on the floor.

You are able to move your attention. You can direct it. Even inside your body.

Let your attention drop down into your feet. Note the sensations present there. The toes, the tops of your feet.

Now guide your attention to your feet on the floor. Your feet in contact with the floor. Be aware of the subtle sensations that tell you, “Your feet are settled on the floor.”

Maybe you notice that they feel heavy, maybe there is pressure. If there seems to be a numb feeling, that’s okay, just notice it.

If your mind wanders away from your feet, just bring it back.

For a moment or two, keep bringing your attention to the contact that your feet have with the floor.

Now guide your attention up to your seat in the chair. Your body is in contact with the chair.  Maybe you feel light, heavy. Maybe you feel tingling or tightness. Maybe you feel very little.

Whatever you feel is fine. Just notice what you feel there, in this moment.

Allow your attention to find your hands, however you have chosen to position them.

Specifically, bring your awareness to whatever your hands are resting on or are in contact with, each other, your lap… just notice the sensations created by them being in contact with something else.

Pressure, heaviness, warmth.

As your mind drifts away, just retrieve it and rest it again on your hands.

Finally, think for a moment, which space of the three was your favorite to rest your attention on: feet, seat, or hands?

Return your attention there for a bit longer, noticing sensations that are present and redirecting your attention there when it goes away.

Feet, seat or hands.

Rest your attention on your chosen space in your body for a few more breaths.

Keep bringing it back when it drifts away.

Maybe for another breath.

Now take a breath in and let it out.  Maybe you’d like to cross your arms in front of you and gently fold forward, only as much as you wish. Drop your head a wee bit, or not. It’s entirely up to you.

Breathe and rest for a moment. Settle into your body, sitting.

When you find yourself scattered, you can repeat Feet, Seat, or Hands using even just one point in your body: feet, seat or hands.

Direct your attention there even for just a few breaths. Note the effect it creates.

Keep coming back to this practice whenever you get a pause in your day. Or, create that pause for yourself.

Length 6:14SettleSitting


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