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Feet and Hands Moving
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Feet and Hands Moving

When you’re low on energy or stuck in slow motion, you can try increasing your energy, from the inside… Practice Feet and Hands Moving to activate.

Enjoy your practice…

Length 6:32ActivateJust MoveSittingLying downMoving

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Feet and Hands Moving

For this practice you may be reclined, lying down or sitting.

You decide.

Direct your attention to your feet. Pressure, warmth, numb. Check in on your feet. What do you feel there?

Wiggle the toes of your right foot. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. Slow or fast. Pause.

Now give your left foot a chance to wiggle toes. Quickly or slowly. Pause.

Lift your right foot, just enough to circle at the ankle. Start out small, expanding the circles when you wish.

Switch directions. Pause.

Flex and point. You pick the pace. Pause. Place that foot down.

Pick up the other. Circle. Switch direction.

Flex and point. Pause. Place that foot down.

Check in again. Notice the sensations in your feet – areas that you feel more or less. Check in on your toes, heels, arches. Simply notice what is there from the inside.

Be mindful of your back as you bend both knees.

Allow your feet to come up and flutter kick – like you are swimming. Slow or fast, it’s up to you. Try a little more. Now let your feet come down and your body rest. For a moment, notice any signs of increased energy – tingling, warmth, possible the urge to move more, maybe even just a little.

You are activating your body and your brain as well.

Move your attention to your hands.

Notice your fingertips, your palms, the temperature throughout both of your hands.

Now activate.

Wiggle your fingers – slow or fast – big or small. Pause.

Interlace your fingers and gently squeeze your palms together. Keep them lightly clasped but relaxed.

Circle your clasped hands – maybe go big. Circle.

The wrists are rotating while the rest of the arms stay relatively still. Try rotating in the opposite direction and then pause.

Separate your hands, spread your fingers wide and finally allow them to rest down.

Try palms up.

Notice the sensations there.

Any possible signs of change in energy?



Any change?


And of course, no change is okay.

Ready to move. Notice what the rest of your body wants to do. Maybe you reach your arms up wide, twist, bend, or fold. You decide.

Practice Feet and Hands Moving to find that way of moving, that practice – specific for you –one that helps you motivate, stimulate new behavior, change a mood, or get going. And you can start with just one foot or hand at a time. Nice work.

Length 6:32ActivateJust MoveSittingLying downMoving



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