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Create the Mindfulness Habit for ADHD

Create the Mindfulness Habit for ADHD [eBook]

Adults with ADHD are often skeptical that anyone with ADHD can make a mindful habit. They point out that routine is challenging with ADHD, sitting still on purpose even harder, and silencing thoughts hardest of all. In order to create the mindfulness habit for ADHD all that is needed is the right approach.

In this eBook you will learn what the research says about mindfulness for ADHD and discover the key elements of an ADHD-Informed Mindfulness Practice.


Create the Mindfulness Habit for ADHDYou can follow Sherri, an adult with ADHD, as she takes a metaphorical Road Trip to create her own custom mindfulness habit. You can also try 2 of our mindfulness practices for ADHD: The STOP Practice and Feet, Seat, or Hands.






  1. Camille H says:

    Create the Mindfulness Habit for ADHD is a wonderful 15-minute read and “how to” tool. It demystifies meditation and mindfulness – and makes it so easy to get started, while also showing how to continue on the mindfulness road trip until it becomes a habit! Thank you for creating such a great tool for people with ADHD! I’ll definitely tell my clients with ADHD to download this eBook!

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