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Counting Breath

Counting Breath

Counting Breath might create a sense of steadiness – that inner strength that we need to keep showing up, keep going – even when something feels challenging or unfamiliar.

Especially when something feels challenging or unfamiliar.

Build a steady link in your body and your mind, with practice, with breath.

Enjoy your practice…

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Counting Breath

Choose how you want to be still – standing, sitting or reclining.
This a practice that requires almost no movement – other than breathing. In other words, you can do this anywhere, really anywhere.

Allow your eyes to close or gaze forward and a little downward.
Long blinks are fine too.

With a regular, typical breath…
Begin by slowly counting up from 1 as you inhale.
And with a steady pace, count down from where you left off as you exhale.

Maybe it works like this for you: 1, 2, 3, and 3, 2, 1
Do this a few times, match your numbers with your breath.
No need to adjust or judge, what you get is what you’ve got, no worries. You are just getting started.

Do a few more.

Now, to build a sense of steadiness – that strength of mind… lengthen your out-breath.
Just your out-breath, let the inhale remain however long it is.

Count up as you breathe in. That will be your starting point.
But this time add 1 or 2 to your out-breath. Then count down and exhale.

So inhaling to a count of 3 might be followed by exhaling from a count of 4 or 5.

Play with it. Match your breath and your count…

Take your time. There is no need to strain or to judge.
And remember to go back to the beginning – equal inhale and exhale at any time. For any reason.

This is work, work for the mind and body, but this practice should not create tightness or discomfort – ever.

Continue, as you like. You might find it comfortable to even double your numbers, or not – just breathe, count and notice.

Notice how it feels. Notice when you get distracted.
As best you can, be steady in this practice and keep coming back – return your attention to your breath, to your count.

When you are finished – stretch, yawn, twist, or settle and be still.
You choose.

In whatever you choose to do, you can bring a steady presence, a calm and strength of mind by practicing Counting Breath.

Practice this steadiness, build this strength, whenever you can, as part of a routine or matched with another practice. Maybe you have a favorite movement practice that can precede or follow this one.

It’s up to you, this is your workout.
Be steady. Be strong. Keep going.


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