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Belly Breathing
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Belly Breathing

Busy minds and bodies can match busy places and times. And then there are places and times that call for calmer minds and calmer bodies.

Our bodies are so connected to our minds that they can help each other settle. Try Belly Breathing to get settled.

Enjoy your practice…

Length 3:20SettleStandingSitting

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Belly Breathing

Adjust the way that you are standing or sitting so that your weight feels like it is in the middle, not to the left, not to the right – not really forward or back, just in the middle.

Slowly circle your shoulders –raise them up, glide them back and drop them down. Maybe repeat those slow circles a few times.

Check in on your arms. Maybe let them feel heavy.

And once you are comfortable, settle in there. Try staring at a spot on the floor in front of you or maybe you close your eyes.

Place one hand on your belly, low – around your belly button.

Check in on your belly moving as you breathe.

Our bellies all respond differently to breath so simply take note of what your belly is doing.

Follow a few breaths as your belly expands and deflates in your hand.

No judgment. Just try softening your belly to feel more.

When your attention wanders away, gently bring it back to your hand on your belly.

Here comes another breath in and there goes another breath out.

Follow the next one too.

Soften the belly where you can and fill with breath.

Feel each subtle movement. Deflate with your out-breath.

When you miss one, it’s okay. Simply notice that and rest your attention on the next one. And maybe the next one. Keep softening where you can.

Your body is breathing all of the time. Let your attention rest softly on a few breaths that you can feel in your belly. Notice if this kind of Belly Breathing brings a little calm, a little softening to your mind and to your body.

Length 3:20SettleStandingSitting



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