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Balance Out a Bad Day

Using Mindfulness to Balance Out a Bad Day

As the proud owner of an ADHD brain, you already know that sometimes our minds just do what they want to do without a lot of input from us. Though we come with no owner’s manual, we learn what we can in order to function well and move through the world as successfully as we can. This can produce a lot of fluctuation in mood and energy levels on a day to day basis. If we are not careful, this can leave us in a rut, held captive by whether or not today is a “good day.” 

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Five More Minutes

Five More Minutes: Stop Procrastinating on Your Mindfulness

To say that I live my life in distraction would be an understatement. Adult ADHD is the number one obstacle to me accomplishing what I want to in the time I have allotted myself. There’s always something new to do, somewhere I have to be, and let’s not act like I am spacing my work out. I need something that I can use every day to help me manage my stress and keep my focus. Enter mindfulness, right? Well, not exactly.

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