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When we first heard about mindfulness as a treatment for ADHD, we thought we had bumped into something nearly perfect: a low-cost, no-side-effects, easy-to-adopt, proven method to manage ADHD symptoms. Finally, here was a solution that benefited our clients without problematic issues.

As study after study celebrates the effectiveness of mindfulness, we continue to learn, read, and listen to discover ways to help our clients. We soon found out that even though mindfulness-for-ADHD was a great tool, it was difficult for those with ADHD to implement a mindfulness practice on their own. How does someone who is already overburdened, overwhelmed, or even just struggling a little bit find the time and know-how to develop this new habit?

We realized even though the interest was strong, the resources didn’t exist to support a mindfulness-for-ADHD practice. Which is why we were motivated to design a mindfulness resource specifically for the ADHD client to deal with the problematic issues of time, know-how, and ready resources. It is our hope that you will benefit from and enjoy MindfullyADD and develop the habit of ADHD-informed mindfulness – in your own, unique ADHD way.

About Page Casey Draft 5

Casey Dixon is MindfullyADD’s ADHD Strategist. She hopes to make proven mindfulness tools and techniques for relieving symptoms accessible to everyone with ADHD.

An innovative ADHD Coach for more than a decade, Casey focuses on science-based strategies serving driven professionals including attorneys, professors, and business executives. With a national reputation in helping clients excel in authentic and creative ways using ADHD-informed approaches, Casey’s hallmark is reliably delivering results without judgment. An in-demand Senior Certified ADHD Coach, Professional Certified Coach, and Board Certified Coach, Casey has broadened her expertise as a solo entrepreneur, author, expert witness, CLE presenter, educational speaker, and knowledgeable source for journalists and researchers.

She founded Dixon Life Coaching in 2005, a natural progression following a successful 15-year career supporting students and adults with learning disabilities and ADHD in schools and universities.

About Page Wynne Draft 5

Wynne Kinder is MindfullyADD’s Mindfulness Educator. As a partner in Wellness Works in Schools and Kinder Associates, Wynne has been the lead instructor and curriculum developer for the program for more than a decade, currently in 18 schools each year, as well as numerous youth intervention centers and community service programs. The program, based on mindful awareness principles and practices, responds to contemporary educational challenges to address important issues like stress, emotional balance, behavior and executive functioning. The extraordinary results of the Wellness Works program have been the focus of two university research studies as well as the cover story for National Geographic.

To broaden her outreach beyond the mid-Atlantic, Wynne developed the “Flow” mindfulness curriculum for GoNoodle, a teacher-support website serving classrooms across the globe. To date, her mindfulness videos have been viewed more than 6 million times. Wynne holds a PA Teaching Certificate and is currently working on her master’s degree.

A practitioner of mindfulness for more than 15 years, Wynne has received training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Mindful Yoga, Boys Town Teaching Social Skills to Youth, Trauma Sensitive Approaches through Justice Resource Institute (MA), Mindfulness-based Mind Fitness Institute (VA), YogaEd™ teacher training, and Social Action Teacher Training with the Lineage Project (NYC). She is a contributing author for the textbook Teaching Mindfulness Skills to Kids and Teens.

Rene Brooks

René Brooks is a contributing author for MindfullyADD.

René says that she was born to lose: She loses her keys, her books, essays, homework, and glasses (even when they are on her face). René was diagnosed with ADHD at the tender age of 11, but never received treatment until age 25. The experience of learning the to live with ADHD began there and continues to this day. René blogs regularly at http://blackgirllostkeys.com. You can also find her on Twitter @roseytrellis and Facebook at http://facebook.com/blackgirllostkeys

Liz Ahmann

Elizabeth (Liz) Ahmann, ScD, RN, ACC, a contributing author to Mindfully ADD, is an ADHD Coach and an advocate for the use of mindfulness and other research-based interventions for ADHD.

Dr. Ahmann has a masters degree in nursing and a doctorate in public health and is certified as a coach by both the International Coach Federation and Wellcoaches. She is a member of the Research Committee of the ADHD Coaches Organization and an adjunct faculty member teaching advanced coaching skills at the Maryland University of Integrative Health.

In her private practice, Pathways Ahead, Dr. Ahmann delivers exceptional and compassionate individualized coaching services for teens, young adults, and adults with ADHD and executive function challenges, drawing on the latest research knowledge. She also offers coaching and mentoring in the writing process at any level.

Dr. Ahmann is trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and practices mindfulness regularly. She has presented at a number of conferences on mindfulness for ADHD, and has trained other ADHD coaches in both incorporating mindfulness into their own lives and introducing their clients to mindfulness approaches for ADHD. She teaches a highly acclaimed teleclass on mindfulness for ADHD.

Mark Bertin

Dr. Mark Bertin is a contributing author to MindfullyADD and a board certified developmental behavioral pediatrician. He is a frequent lecturer for parents, teachers, and professionals on topics related to child development including autistic spectrum disorders, ADHD, parenting, and mindfulness.

Dr. Bertin also leads mindfulness classes, having attended training at Jon Kabat Zinn’s Center for Mindfulness in Medicine among others, and he incorporates mindfulness into sessions on an individual basis for interested families.   Dr. Bertin’s books The Family ADHD Solution and Mindful Parenting for ADHD integrate mindfulness into evidence-based ADHD care, and he is a contributing author for the textbook Teaching Mindfulness Skills to Kids and Teens.

Dr. Bertin’s Child Development Central blog can be found on websites including theHuffington Post, Psychology Today, Mindful.org and Education Update.